Greetings! This is Park Hong-Ryul, the Mayor of Mokpo, always communicating with citizens.

박홍률 시장 모습

Mokpo City Mayor Park Hong-ryul

I would like to welcome the netizens who came to visit the Mayor's Open Office!

Mokpo is a city of culture that retains modern historical/cultural resources and is an international maritime hub that boasts fine tourism resources such as the longest maritime cable car in Korea.

Moreover, we are creating a vibrant city where young people come to visit, and growing the city's beauty and stature as a world-class city through culture, art, and sports.

Your voices are what make Mokpo grander. By listening to and communicating with each citizen, we will create a warm city in which its citizens are happy and at the same time, a youthful and lively city flowing with the passion of the youth.

We ask for more of your interest and affection for the city of Mokpo, as it continues to take a strong leap forward through the Mayor's Open Office.

Thank you.