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If monkfish changes, it is not the fault of monkfish

Monkfish used to be neglected as it is ugly with big mouth and no scale but now due to steamed monkfish, the price became expensive which made it exclusive fish. The drinkers prefer the guts to flesh. Ugly but there is nothing to throw out except for the teeth.

According to the region, it is called Mulgom, Muldom, or Baegi and most people call it 'Agu'. Monkfish has simple taste and the monkfish soup or stew gives very refreshing taste and the steamed monkfish is made with bean sprouts and spicy sauce. Monkfish soup and monkfish suyuk are also popular delicacy.

  • 시원하게 끊고있는 아구탕 한상
  • 먹음직스럽게 담아낸 아구찜 한상