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Festival / Event / Culture

Cultural Art Hall

This Cultrual Art Hall was opened in July 1997 to play the role of the place of cultural art to improve the art standard of Mokpo citizens. This hall is equipped with 6 exhibition halls and performance hall with 698 seats.In the corridor of exhibition hall, the photographs, caligraphy, and paintings of famous artists of this area are exhibited permanently and the high level performance and exhibitions are continuously held so that citizens can enjoy the very cultural art of Jeollanamdo.

Cultural Art Hall website


  • Location : 102 Namnong-ro, Mokpo-si (Yonghae-dong)
  • Size : Site area 8,167㎡ (2,470PY), Total floor area 17,547㎡ (5,308PY)
  • Tel. no. : 061-270-8484 (exhibition), 061-270-4038 (performance)

Near the Cultural Art Hall, are located by Natural History Museum, Namnong Memorial Museum, National Exhibition Hall of Maritime Heritage, Important Intangible Cultural Transfer Training Center that provides good things to see and at the same time play the role of resting area for the citizens of Mokpo city by the construction of park facility.

  • 위에서 내려다본 공연장전경Performance Unit
  • 전시실 내부모습Exhibition Hall
  • 특별실 내부모습Special Exhibition Hall