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The festival of light! Street of Light!

The festival of light was first started as a decoration to commemorate the queen's presence in Napolie Kingdom of Italy in 16th century, the end of Renaissance, and has developed as a religious rite to honor saints and express spiritual qualities of light. (Italian: Luminariae) Because with lighting it either makes structures or decorates to open a festival it is also called art of light or piece of light.

"Alley of Light that you want to walk" is a compilation luminariae, of 5 models, 65 tunnel-method galleria in 5 colors, and 10 props, in the 5000m in front of Mokpo Theatre, old Pyeonghwa Plaza, and 400m in front of Bohae Shopping district, so you can enjoy beautiful nighttime views all throughout the year.

  • 보라색 터널식갤러리아 빛의거리 야경
  • 하늘색과 노랑색의 터널식 갤러리아 빛의거리 야경
  • 직사각형과 타원형의 노란색,붉은색,흰색, 하늘색 등으로 장식된 터널식 갤러리아 빛의거리 야경