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Tourist Attractions

The city of Mokpo, the city of arts, that has released most members, four people, in the Art Academy, has opened the Mokpo Literary House that has expressed these members’ lives and literature in a small area. There is a display area for Yeonan Cha beom-seok, who has been a representative playwright and director in a traditional realism for the past 50 years, and for Park Hwa-seong, the first female writer of Korea, who also served consecutive terms in international fan club as Korean headquarters centering member and female writer president.

In the 2ndfloorthereisadisplayhallforJoseong Kim U-jin, who has had a big role in the development of the new play style and wrote 40 or so poems and comedies, creative educational hall, and arts and sciences research hall. Also, a display hall for Kim Hyun, the literary critic, has been newly opened.