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Festival / Event / Culture

The Dream of Ceramic, fashioning a culture

Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Festival was planned to give publicity about the traditionality of living ceramic andallow visitors to make a ceramic personally and appreciate it through. We organized the program focusing on ceramic related experiences andevent participation to give a great of memories to the visitors. There are a variety of experience events such as the unique experience of making the ceramic using a clay and spinning wheel and the earth play for children using the stepping on and compaction of soil which is the process of ceramic manufacturing and also environment-friendly experiences etc.

Overview of Festival

  • Period : every May
  • Venue : Mokpo Peace Square
  • Contact : 061-25-1965 (Jeonnam Ceramic Association)

Main Events

  • Special Exhibition : Invitation Exhibition of Master of Korea, Ceramic Exchange between Yeongnam and Honam
  • Exhibition Sales : Ceramic sales hall, exhibition and sales of traditional craft works
  • Participation Experience : Making a ceramic and other experience events
  • Stage Performance : Citizen's song festival, Spring Music Festival
  • 영호남도자기 교류전 커팅식
  • 도자전에 전시된 작품들
  • 찾잔