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Tourist Attractions

The night view of Mokpo Bridge like a dance of two cranes

Mokpo Bridge, constructed in 2012, is the marine bridge connecting the north port of Mokpo and Gohado island, which has a four-lane road with total length of 4.129km and width 35~40m. harmonized with the sunset. Mokpo Bridge is the car only road of the first national road in Mokpo and the main gate of Mokpo that connects the new outer port of Mokpo and the West Coast Express Way. The main tower and the cables are shaped with the image that two cranes, the city bird of Mokpo, are flying to the sea of Mokpo.

Mokpo Bridge VR View

The evening time of Mokpo presents a wonderful sunset falling over the sea at Yongmori-gil of Gohado island. The very moment of sunset that the burning sun is sinking in the southern sea is fantastic. When the whole sky was colored with red by the setting sun above the surface of the sea where the reddish glow of the sun is still remaining after the sun almost went down, the view is hotter and more magnificient. In 2018, the marine cable car is scheduled to operate between Yudalsan and Gohado across the sea of Mokpo which provides visitors with more beautiful scenary of sea of Mokpo.