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Tourist Attractions

Mokpo Marine Science Museum for Children has 5 main display areas. “Badasangsang Hall” is the entrance of the science museum, and it is a display area which helps children imagine the ocean and develop curiousity. “Gipeunbada” display area, with the topic of “Ocean and Exploration”, it provides experience areas such as “Ugeurugeul Nature Exploration” and “Yorijori Ocean Exploration” that explain the process of exploring ocean resources and ocean geography using a submarine. “Jungganbada”, in 2nd floor, with the topic of “Ocean and Organisms”, has display areas “Badasum Sumbakkokjil” and “Bappeun Jungganbada”so that the children can experience characteristics and diversity of organisms living in the middle sea. “Yateunbada”, with the topic of “Ocean and Environment”, is formed with display areas where you can learn about energy resources that you can obtain from the sea, and enjoy marine leisure riding yachts and WIG crafts.

Lastly, “Bada Aidom” is an area formed for infants: it is formed of mud flat playgrounds which can stimulate the children’s senses to become richer. There is also “4D picture tube”, where you can see marine related videos,“mud flat ecology water tank”, and many more.

  • Mokpo Children's Science Museum
  • Mokpo Children's Science Museum