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Savory pomfret, the more we eat

The pomfret, a white flesh fish with no scale and smooth surface is rich in nutrition, less fat and digestive fish, good for children, elderly and convalescent patient to recover the vitality. The tasty pomfret has low calorie, good for diet. Not yet succeeded in farming and not easy to find and rare and luxurious food.

The pomfret is a ivory white fish and has a soft texture like melting in a mouth if steamed. The just caught pomfret tastes nearly sweet and no fishy smell and good taste if frozen slightly and eat raw.

  • 초고추장과 된장 양념장Seasoned pomfret
  • 상추위에 가지런히 올라간 병어회 한접시Raw pomfret
  • 병어 세마리Pomfret

Steamed pomfret

The steamed pomfret barely covered with water is almost called braised pomfret. Mixed rice with thick flesh and spicy water give you the specially simple and spicy taste never experienced with other braised menu.