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Festival / Event / Culture

Let's come and play all together with joy~

Mokpo, opened in 1897, has been the center of trade, logistics and transportation as top 3 harbors andtop 6 cities and today the herb city of west and southern coast that the modern history is alive and the place where the marine cultures are concentrated. Mokpo Harbor Festival intends to preserve the original maritime culture being forgotten as well as promote it based on such maritime culture and history and furthermore, share with all together through the festival.

Mokpo Harbor Festival website

Overview of Festival

  • Period : every October
  • Venue : Samhakdo, Fishery Market in Dongmyeong-dong, Mokpo
  • Contact : Festival Team, Department of Tourism of Mokpo city (061-270-441)

Main events

  • Mokpo Song Festival
  • Harbor Music Festival
  • Sea Concert
  • West-South Area Youth Festival
  • West-South Area Multi Culture Family Festival
  • Mokpo Yudalsan Marathon
  • Mokpo National Photography Contest
  • 사람들이 삼학도 수로레포츠하는 모습Samhakdo Waterway Leports
  • 사람들이 목포항에서 요트체험을 하는 모습Mokpo Harbor Yachting Experience
  • 사람들이 낚시대회를 하는 모습Fishing Contest

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