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Tourist Attractions

Gatbawi, the treasure of Mokpo tour with the beautiful reflecting sunset

Gatbawi, designated as Korea Natural Monument no. 500, is the rock shaped with two men standing with satgat (traditional hat made of bamboo), which is consisted of welded tuff solidified by volcanic ashes about 80 million years ago. In the past, the boat was needed to see this Gatbawi but the installation of pedestrian bridge over the sea allowed people to see it more closely on the sea.

VR View

Gatbawi is the sculpture created by the nature free from artificial factors and has the rarity hard to find in other weathering pit.

  • Location : 166-18, Naknong-ro, Mokpo-si (Gatbawi translation information or Mokpo Natural History Museum)
  • Gatbawi marine bridge : Winter time 05:00~23:00, Summer time 05:00~24:00
  • Contact : 061-273-0536, 061-270-8598

The legend of Gatbawi

  • 갓바위 앞 바다위에서 카누를 즐기는 사람들
  • 눈이 쌓인 갓바위 전경

A pair of rock has several legends. Long long time ago, there was a young man who lived with his sick farther by selling the salts.Even if the household furnishings are poor, he is a good man who never refused to do anything for his farther. To have his father's disease treated, he went to one rich man to work as a farm servant. Even if he worked very hard, the host didn't pay for his work, When he returned home after one month, his father was dead. The young man regretted his foolishness that he didn't take care of his father for one month and decided to bury his father in a sunny place wishing his father to rest comfortably in the other world. But while carrying the coffin, he made a mistake to drop it in the sea. He felt contrite as an undutiful son and thought he could not look up the sky and after then, we began to wear the gat and kept that place to the death. Later, two rocks appeared at this place and people called the big rock 'Father Rock' and the small rock 'Son Rock'.

The marine pedestrian bridgewith beautiful night view and romantic mood

The pedestrian bridge floating on the water has total length of 298m and width of 3.6~4.6m , which rises about 1m at the rising tide and at the low tide, it goes down along the sea water. With the construction of wooden bridge of 118m, pedestrian bridge of 40m, floating pier of 140m, and handrail, the installation of night lighting of pedestrian bridge create the romantic mood for beautiful nigh view.

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