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Place where Admiral Yi Sun-sin's spirit is alive and breathing.

It is in a place about 2km apart from Mokpo. Gohado Island, with the inspirational sight of standing while appearing as if embracing Mokpo city's southern coasts, was named so because it is an island below a high mountain (Yudalsan Mountain). It was also called Bohwado Island or Kalseom Island in the past.

  • Gohado Island
  • Gohado Island

It is said that people started living since the age of the Three States, and it was a place used as a strategic location by Admiral Yi Sun-sin during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, and successfully defended against the Japanese invasion. To commemorate this, there is a monument for Admiral Yi Sun-sin (local cultural assets number 39). Also, this area is designated as a historic site for Admiral Yi Sun-sin (local memorial number 10) to honor Admiral Yi Sun-sin's will. Gohado Yongmeori, a gateway to Mokpo harbor, has a beautiful view of Yudalsan Nakjodae terrace and Ildeungbong peak, and at night you can see a beautiful night view of colored lamps harmonized with the ocean view.Gohado is a dragon of the Mokpo coastal waters.

Gohado is seen in its most beautiful shape from Yudalsan Gwanungak Pavillion. Gwanungak Pavilion, although there aren't accurate recorded documents, seems like it was named that was because when it fogs after rain it seems as if clouds stop at the waist of the mountain.This is a place where Admiral Yi Sun-sin was stationed from October 29th, 1597 to February 17th, 1598, for a total of 107 days and reorganized his troops. This island was used as a strategic point by Admiral Yi Sun-sin and has prevented the invasion of Japanese army to the mainland during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. There are traces of the camping by the Admiral and Mochunggak Pavilion, made to honor his services.