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Theme Tour

Mokpo City Tour with its own charm and romance

Mokpo is the destination station of Honam Line where the concept of beginning and end coexists and the cultural diversity including land and marine was secured. From the ancient time, due to the active exchange between people in land and people in sea, the precious cultural heritages were accumulated and the beautiful scenary of Dadohae and rich sightseeing and foods makes the joy of visitors double. The bus touring from Yudalsan to Natural History Museum gives its own charm and romance of Mokpo at once. Let's enjoy the main tourist attractions and sightseeing fast and comfortably.

Reservation : Hana Express Tour 061) 279-3301 / Others : Mokpo station tourist information center 061-270-8599

Tour information

  • Tour time : Always, once a day (09:30~15:40)
    ※ Not available on Monday
  • Departure time and place : 09:30 Mokpo Station City Tour Bust Stop
  • The users of City Tour are allowed to have a D/C of admission fee for Natural History Museum and Modern History Museum.


  • Needed to make a prior reservation. If failed, come to the starting place to meet the departure time and you will be able to ride the bus in case that the seas are available. (If exceeding in person, the reservation is preferred.)
  • The course and arrival time is subject to change according to the local traffic situation and if hard to operate due to bad weather such as heavy rain, snow etc, the tour can be cancelled.
  • The users need to join the traveller's insurance individually and the uninsured responsibility is on the user.

Parking information

시티투어 주차장 안내지도로 목포역을 기준으로 왼쪽에는 호남공영주차장이 있고 오른쪽에는 목포역주차장이 위치해 있다. 자세한 내용은 아래내용 참조

  • honam public parking lot : 27, Samhak-ro, Mokpo-si (09:00~17:00)
  • Mokpo station parking lot : 496, Honam-dong, Mokpo-si 061-242-3443