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Samhakdo Island night view

Samhakdo Island Neighbourhood park, of the three cranes that became islands. Long time ago, in Yudalsan, there was a young general who was polishing his skills. Three maidens from the same village fell in love with his vigorous spirit and visited him continuously. The young general, who became unable to focus, told the maidens "Although I love you all as well, you are disturbing my studies. Please leave to a different island and wait for me until my training is over. " The three maidens did as told, but because of the longing for the general they died and were reborn as three cranes, crying sorrowfully around Yudalsan.

The young general, not knowing this fact, has killed three cranes and unfortunately they died after falling into Yudalsan coastal seas. Afterwards, three islands have emerged from the place where cranes have died, so with the meaning "Island of Three Cranes", people call this island "Samhakdo".In 2007, Samhakdo has been recovered close to the original shape, and 740m of waterway was created to fill in seawater. There are five petite bridges over the waterway, which adds to the scenery, and there is a trailing path and a bicycle path of 1.5km, which attracts citizen's footsteps.

  • 공원건물의 야경
  • 다리위의 저녁 야경

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