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Mokpojin Camp, the beginning of Mokpo history

Mokpojin is the military camp of Chosun navy, which was called 'Mokpoyoung' or 'Mokpodae' and as 10,000 houses are arranged,it was also called 'Manhoyoung', 'Manhojin' or 'Manhocheong'. Geologically, Mokpo embraces the estuary of Youngsan River and is located at strategic position connected to the sea and located at the corner used as transportation road for grain paid as tax connecting to Honam area and Gyeongsang southern area. Due to such reasons, Mokpo was focused as the importance was being emphasized since the beginning of Chosun dynasty.

Mokpojin VR View

According to the literature, the size of camp was the circumference of stone wall 1,306 ft, and the height 7ft 34in. with one well and one pond. Mokpojin camp played its role as defense area of south and west sea but on July 15, 1895 (32nd year of Gojong's reign), closed by the Gojong's command No.141.

At the time of port opening, a part of public office remained which was used as Mooan administration office, Japanese consulate or 역국사관 base but damaged later except for the monument of Mokpojin, and partially restored in 2014 in the present form. The military camp disappeared during Japanese invasion was restored as history park after 120 years and now used as the resource of history, culture and tourism.

  • Location : 1-5, 11-gil, Mokpojin-gil, Mokpo-si
  • Cultural asset : Regional cultural asset no.137 (Designated date: 19866.11.08)
  • Contact : 061-270-8291
  • 풍물패 사람들이 목포진에서 공연하고 있는모습Poongmulnori
  • 목포진 역사공원 정면 전경History Park

The Navy Guard Changing Ceremony is the event that the navy reports the commander after finishing the guard on the sea and transfers the guard card to next navy to change the duty, which is performed in front yard of guest house of Mokpojin on Saturday of every fourth week from March to October. You can enjoy Navy martial performance, cutting by sword, archery, navy costume experience and so on.

  • tombstone

  • Map of Mokpojin

  • Navy Guard Changing Ceremony