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Theme Tour

Daytime City Tour Course

  • Mokpo Station Mokpo Station(Departure 09:30)
  • 오른쪽방향으로
  • Yudalsan Mountain Yudalsan Mountain
  • Mokpo Modern History Museum Hall No.2 Mokpo Modern History Museum Hall No.2
  • Mokpo Modern History Museum Hall No.1 Mokpo Modern History Museum Hall No.1
  • Former Mokpo Branch of Higashi-Honganji Temple Former Mokpo Branch of Higashi-Honganji Temple
  • Lunch Lunch (Arrival 12:00)(Departure 12:40)
  • Samhakdo Island Samhakdo Island
  • Gatbawi Culture Town Gatbawi Culture Town
  • 왼쪽방향으로
  • Seonam Marine Seonam Marine
  • Mokpo Station Mokpo Station (Arrival 15:40)

Mokpo, as a last stop for the Honam ship, is a place where both concepts of the beginning and the end coexist, and where cultural diversity, including both land and the sea, is secured. Precious cultural assets has been accumulated due to the active interchange between people of the land and the sea, and the views of the blue sea dotted with islands, various eateries and diverse things to see multiplies the visitors’ joys even more. The bus tours from Yudalsan Mountain, which embraces the plaintiveness of the harbor, to Mokpo Natural History Museum. The characteristic beauty and romance of Mokpo can be felt with the bus touring.

  • Hours of Operation : Tuesday ~ Sunday (09:30 ~ 15:40)
  • Fees : Adult/College Student (5,000Won), Military/Police/Elderly/Disabled (4,000Won), Elementary/Middle/High School Student (2,000Won)
  • Mokpo Natural History Museum : 50% discount applies
  • Mokpo Modern History Museum : Group Discount is applied
  • Section in service : Main tourism spots within the city and the cultural assets
  • Contact : Hana Express tour Tel 82-61-279-3301 (Can Reserve)
티켓정보 안내표
The name of the tourist attraction Current fees Discounted fee
Mokpo Natural History Museum Adult 3,000 1,500
Adolescent 2,000 1,000
Elementary 1,000 Free
Kindergarden 500 Free
Mokpo Modern History Museum Adult 2,000 1,500
Adolescent 1,000 700
Elementary 500 Free
Kindergarden Free Free