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Plaza night view With the sea as a friend.

It is a representative resting area of citizens, with cafes with nice atmosphere and a large plaza. On the road that is stretched out on the sea you can feel the vigor of all kinds of people riding inline skates and bicycles. In the reality of exhausting, busy daily life, come and enjoy the true taste of life in Daebandong seas and Pyeonghwa Plaza, that gives enough rest and happy smiles.

  • 밤바다와 나란히 길게 뻗은 길위에서 사람들이 낚시를 하거나 쉬고있는 모습
  • 조명이 환하게 켜진 평화광장뒤로 보이는 아파트와 평화광장 야경
  • 춤추는 바다분수