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Yeongsangang estuary bank is a landmark of jeonnam.

The tidal gates that has the imagery of a flying bird, with an extended new visage, represents Yeongsangang estuary bank's vision. The landmark tower, 58m high, representing harmony between the old tidal gates and the new tidal gates, has a panorama observatory, capable of viewing western seas and Yeongsangang river, installed which gives the feeling of being in the midst of the sea.

The 2nd floor is being used as an estuary bank management office for Korea Rural Community Corporation, and the 1st floor is being planned to be used for promotion exhibition halls, convenient facilities, and open area in general. Also, around the tower there is a lawn plaza, landscaping facilities, pagora, and photo zone installed, and provides open waterfront space.

영산강 야경 전경

Yeongsangang Estuary Bank Landmark Tower is open throughout the year and operates from 09:00-18:00. The observatory, the parking lot, and the public bathroom are free to use. Also, the newly installed Yeongsangang Estuary Bank's nighttime outdoor illumination lighting is operated 4 hours every night so you can enjoy the pretty nightscape views at Pyeonghwa Plaza below or near Gatbawi.

  • Nightscape vies
  • Winding Room
  • Integrated Management Cneter
  • Panorama Observatory
  • Lobby
  • Neighbourhood Facilities