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Tourist Attractions

complex cultural area Pyeonghwa Plaza

On the road that is stretched along the sea, it is full with vigor of life, which enjoys inline skate and bicycle ridings. The waterfront space around Pyeonghwa Plaza is an eco-friendly area, with 1.2km of marine road stretching out. There are convenient facilities for families and lovers, and it is used as a complex cultural area, such as reports culture area, family culture area, and outdoor concert halls.There is joy in strolling along the plaza’s paths, which is stretched out along the coastline, and enjoying the view of the river that has stretched out from Yeongsangang. As parts of the plaza’s floors are made with marble, you can enjoy inline skating without any concern. When dark, the brilliant neon, which has changed into colorful clothing, shines with all its might.

Mokpo City has changed the name of “Migwan Plaza” into “Pyeonghwa Plaza” in order to commemorate the winning of “Nobel Prize” by the former president, Kim Dae-jung, in 2000. Every new year, many visit the eastern seas to see sunrise but, the sunrise seen from Pyeonghwa Plaza, the edge of Southwestern seas, is also enough to touch people’s hearts and give them joy. Beautiful images are displayed on the water screen installed over the calm sea near Pyeonghwa Plaza. Fancy lights and large streams of water accompanied by sweet melodies create fantastic performances. Diverse programs including proposal events create precious memories for visitors.

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