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Hongtaksamhap, only allowed to eat in Mokpo

Hongtaksamhap means fermented skate and steamed pork slices served with Kimchi. Any food can not be competed with skate in the sparkling taste that awakens the spirit. One bit of raw skate in a mouth delivers very delicate and piquant energy to the whole body.

Skate is the favorite fish of Honam people who think that the skate must be served in a wedding party. The well fermented skate with a spicy taste and the rough texture with flesh and bone is considered as the no.1 food. It is recommended to eat the fermented raw skate as it is but the skate cooking methods are diverse seasoning, steamed, soup, pancake, fried etc. It is said that the nose of skate is the most tasty part.

  • 홍어한접시
  • 먹음직스러운 홍어,돼지고기,김치를 포개어 든 한젓가락

The Sejong Silok Jiriji introduced the skate as the product to be served for the King. In the west coast of our country, octopus are living widely and caught in Heuksando or near Yellow Sea. The skate which is a natural fermented food, is available to eat all the year round.

Hongtaksamhap, only allowed to eat in Mokpo