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The former president Kim Dae-jung was the 15th president of the Korean Republic,and he has won the Nobel Peace Prizein 2000 for his role of devoting him self for the democracy and civil right sin Korea and Asia,the reconciliation and cooperative relationship between the North and the South by using the sunshine policy, and world peace.The life of the former president Kim Dae-jung was that of devotion toward democracy, human rights, and peace. He has gone through 5 times of crucial moments of near death, but nevertheless he has went against injustice, and practiced “practical conscience” in the middle of the turbulent era of the modern Korean history. Also, by reconciling with, and forgiving those who oppressed and slandered him, he has displayed the appearance of the truly courageous.

Kim Daejug Memorial Hall Homepage

The reason why Kim Dae-jung Nobel Peace Prize Memorial is established in Mokpo Samhakdo Island is because the area that the former president Kim Dae-jung was active in, from his younger years to the point when he went into the political world, was Mokpo, and Mokpo was also where his political ideology and conviction has formed, while living there. The reason for it being at Samhakdo Island, out of all places of Mokpo, is because it is a place where history and legends are preserved, and also a place where Mokpo citizen’s dreams and hopes coexist.

  • Kim Daejug Memorial Hall for Nobel Peace Prize
  • Kim Daejug Memorial Hall for Nobel Peace Prize