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Tourist Attractions

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People of Shinan’s islands (1004 in total) ride a ship to come out to Mokpo. When they meet a severe typhoon while coming out to the sea, trying to reach land, the rough waves turn the insides of the island’s people inside out, and people lay their heads on the floor of the ship and stay as if they are dead.

  • Yudal Recreation Area
  • Yudal Recreation Area

About the time when they are somewhat used to the sea, it is Daebandong! They have arrived at Mokpo! It is land! The edge of Daebandong that sticks out of water greets the island’s people first. People quietly seated down get up creating a commotion looking at Daebandong, and say their first hellos to the mainland.What about the day when heading back to the island of angels, back on the ships? Toward the passenger ship getting farther away from Mokpo, Daebandong watches from one spot until the ship is no longer visible after going around Yongmeori. Thus, to the people of Shinan, Daebandong is longing! Daebandong approaches by longing!!

Mokpo Marine University, located in Daebandong, has opened as a specialty college with 15 sailing major students in April 5th,1950. In1994, it has, under president’s orders, became a university, and currently 2500 students majoring in maritime affairs, ocean engineering, and other related subjects are preparing their futures here. Mokpo Marine University, having received Jang Bo-go’s spirit from 1000 years ago, it has raised talented men in the area of ocean industry continuously throughout the last 50 years, in the city of Mokpo, the center of new maritime cities. Two marine training ships, unit Yudal (3644tons), and unit Saenuri (4701tons) take care of the students’ on-the-job-training. Shinan Beach Hotel is the oldest hotel in Mokpo. It is still popular as it is located in a place with a nice view. There is a dock for cruise ships in the coastal seas in front of Shinan Beach Hotel, where you can enjoy the view of the blue ocean dotted with islands. It is a fantastic spot to drink a warm cup of coffee in a café while relaxing after spending the afternoon riding the cruise boat, and watch the fantastic sunset.

The fantastic views of Daebandong are just about to start. A place that is more beautiful the darker it becomes! Lights turn on one by one on Gohado and it transforms into a luxurious dragon. It looks as if it will fly off to the sky from the ocean any moment. The summit of Yudalsan mountain, receiving delicate lighting, reminds one of a palace floating in space.