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Tourist Attractions

Nojeokbong, representing the spirit of military defense of Admiral Yi Sun-sin

Nojeokbong is the rock mountain with 60m above the sea level that contains the spirit of military defense by Admiral Yi Sun-sin. When Japan invaded Chosun again in 1597, he achieved a victory at Myeongryang War only with 12 navy ships and while getting their act together, the military rice of Chosun Navy was far from enough and the Chosun was in the crisis to be collapsed by the Japanese invasion. At this time, Nojeokbong played a very good role. When the ships of Japanese invaders were stationed off the shore of Yudalsan to investigate the situation of Chosun navy, Admiral Yi used Nojeokbog to play a camouflage tactics. e covered the rocks of Nojeokbong with rice straws as if it looks a mountain of military rice and at the dawn, he dissolved the white soil in sea water as if it looks the used water from washing rice. This camouflage made the Japanese invaders know that there are lots of military soldiers and go back to their homeland. Since then, this mountain peak was called 'Nojeokbong'.

Nojeokbong VR View

The great stone face of Nojeokbong that looks as if Admiral Yi Sun-sin stood astride to command, is protecting Mokpo, the gateway of west and southern coast of Korea, with the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. It is said that those who receive the energy of Nojeokbong will be healthy and Nojeokbong is popular with Fertility Tree to those who visit to make a wish as new tourist attraction.

  • 환하게 조명이 켜져 장관을 이루고 있는 노적봉 야경Night view of Nojeokbong
  • 눈이 소복히 쌓인 노적봉의 겨울 풍경Nojeokbong in Winter
  • 빨간 봄꽃이 만발한 노적봉의 봄Nojeokbong in Spring