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Gatbawil Culture Town, filled with the Fragrance of Culture and Art

Gatbawil Culture Town is the central area of Mokpo culture and art and the concentrated area of exhibition space. Under the Ipansan mountain, there are National Research Institute of Maritime Culture, Culture and Art Hall, Natural History Museum, Fork Cultural Museum, Namnong Memorial Museum located and a good place to appreciate the night view of the sea along with Gatbawi.

The National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage which is the only maritime museum and underwater discovery specialized institution, is located here. The building with the first underground level and two stories above ground on the land of 20,075m2 includes Shinan cabin, Wando cabin, Fishing folk village hall, shipping history hall, and experience hall. On the opposite side of National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage, there are Mokpo Natural Histor Museum and Literature History Museum and next to it, there is Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Museum that shows the history and status of ceramic industry of Mokpo. In addition, Namnong Memorial Museum that preserves the works of Namnong Heo Gun, the master of southern school of Chinese Painting is located.

  • 진열대에 표본들이 가득전시되어있는 전시관 내부전경National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage
  • 정면에서 바라본 남농기념관 전경Namnong Memorial Museum
  • 자연사박물관 건물앞에 전시된 공룔 조형물Mokpo Natural History Museum
  • 뼈로만든 공룡모형들Mokpo Natural History Museum
  • 둥근원형의 도자박물관 로비전경Ceramic Livingware Museum