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Chewy croaker with nothing to throw

The chewy and sweet raw croaker is served to eat raw fish as well as cook from fish skin, air blader, flesh, to fin in order to enjoy the real taste of croaker in Mokpo, not other area. The croaker is one of top 5 tastes in Mokpo with skate, trifold octopus, braised cutlassfish and seasoned crab.

The croaker living in the mud bottom of 40~120cm deep in water is chewy and sweet when eating raw fish. The raw fish of croaker in Mokpo is served fully on the table with skin, air blader, flesh and fin. In addition, after dried by a sea breeze for 1 week, if you cook steamed or make a soup with croaker, anchovy, radish, green onion in rice water, it tastes sensational.

  • 먹음직스러운 회무침Seasoned raw croaker
  • 가지런히 놓여있는 민어전 한접시Fried croaker
  • 민어껍질과 부레 한접시Croaker skin and air blader

The croaker is expensive fish not affordable to the ordinary people and the best season is from June to October.The croaker is big which is called 'a whale of freshwater fish' andthe croaker caught in Imjado island of Mokpo is regarded as the best one.