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Ceramic Experience

It is the first ceramic livingware specialized experience workshop in Korea, and it is a place where you can make your own ceramic by sticking colored papers made of ceramic on mug cups and dishes. As you can use luxurious, primary colored, colored papers to go through ceramic colored paper experience without any usage of professional skill, and as it is a permanent procedure that, through the procedure of using the colored ceramic papers, sticking them on the half-finished pottery, to decorate the dishes and cooking it in a hot temperature of over 800C, can be used as ordinary dishes or decoration, it is practical.

Mokpo Ceramic Livingware Museum Site

  • 도자체험 작품들이 책상위에 줄지어 놓여있는모습
  • 어린이들이 선생님과함께 도자를 빚고있는모습

Pottery experience, using pottery-making clay, consists of 5 experiences of "stamping patterns, stamping hand, hand painting, shaping with hands, and spinning wheel experience" that can be participated by anyone, including young children. The works made through the experience go through a week of natural drying and two procedures of high-temperature plastic deformation (Initial temperature 750C, 2nd 1250C) and is made into a completed product.