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Citizen's Cultural Sports Center

This is total cultural sports facility, located in the Bujusan Park, Okam-dong, Mokpo that the performance facility is composed of Grand Performance Hall with 1,207 seats, Small Performance Hall with 400 seats and Outdoor Performance Hall with 450 stair seats, where lots of performance by Mokpo City Symphony, Mokpo City Chorus, Mokpo City Boys and Girls Chorus, Mokpo City Dancing Team, Mokpo City Theater Group andJeollanamdo Korea Traditional Music Orchestra and other rental performances are held.

Citizen's Cultural Sports Center website


  • Location : 312, Buju-ro, Mokpo-si (Okam-dong)
  • Size : Building area 8,167㎡ (2,470PY), Total floor area 17,547㎡ (5,308PY)
  • Tel. no. : 061-270-8375∼6
  • Grand Performance Hall
  • Small Performance Hall
  • Outdoor Performance Hall