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Theme Tour

Tracing the modern history of Korea.

Mokwon-dong, developed based on Yudalsan mountain and Mokpo station is the first place of modern culture of Mokpo and the center of commercial area. Mokwon-dong, the Okdani road is formed, which is named by the work of dramatist, Cha Bum-seok [Okdani]. If you walk every corner of Mokwon-dong where Okdani has walked around, you can trace the way of modern history of Korea.

Course : total 4.6km, required time 3~4 hours

  • START POINTMokpo station
  • Ogeori
  • Rodeo Plaza
  • Norano Museum
  • Jeonggwang Jeonghyewon
  • Nojeokbong
  • Maningye Plaza
  • 구종명비
  • 콩나물동네
  • 목포청년회관
  • 불종대터
  • 벽화골목
  • 유달예술타운
  • 북교동성당
  • Bukgyo Elementary School
  • Yangdong Church
  • Moktong market
  • Birth place of Nam Jin
  • Birth place of Park Hwasaeng
  • The road with no car
물지게를 이고 있는 옥단이

목포의 심장 목원동이야기 안내지도로 목포역에서 출발하여 오거리,로데오광장,노라노미술관,정광정혜원,노적봉,만인계광장,구종명비,콩나물동네,목포청년회관,불종대터,벽화골목,유달예술타운,북교동성당,북교초,양동교회,먹통시장,남진생가,박화성생가터,차없는거리로 이어지는 옥단이길

Okdani road is the alley that connects the village of Korean people formed naturally since Mokpo port was opened in 1897 where the traces of life of out ancestors are preserved over 100 years. The movement line connecting the 20 main spaces of Mokwon-dong is 'Ondani road'.

Okdani road GUIDE MAP