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Tourist Attractions

Yudalsan, the place where the souls stop and start

Another name of Yudalsan is 'Youngdalsan' which means the place that the souls go through. Yudalsan, located at the southern tip of Mooan peninsula where the big stem of Noryeong mountains reached last, is the last peak of Noryeong mountains, with 140ha in area and 228.3m high, and connected to an archipelago, called Dadohae. Due to the scenic beauty, there are lots of pavilion such as Daehaklu, Dalsunggak, Yuseongak, Soyojeong and also it has very unique attractions uch as the monument of singer Lee Nan-young for her song 'The Tears of Mokpo', the first outdoor sculpture park of Korea and along with Yudalsan road of 2.7km, you can appreciate the whole view of Mokpo city and beautiful scenary of Dadohae. In addition, there are some rocks having a legend such as First Rock (Yuldong Rock) where the souls are judged by the law of the other world, and Second Rock (Moving Rock) where the souls judged are moving to the other world or the heaven.

Yudalsan VR View


  • Location : 45 Nojeokbong-gil, Mokpo-si (Cheukhu-dong)
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Parking lot : 2,000 cars capacity
  • Contact : 061-270-8359

유달산 노적봉 전경Nojeokbong

  • 개나리와 벚꽃이 만발한 유달산의 봄전경Yudalsan in Spring
  • 푸르른 유달산의 운해Yudalsan in Summer
  • 단풍이 물든 유달산의 가을전경Yudalsan in Fall
  • 눈으로 뒤덮혀 장관을 이룬 유달산의 겨울Yudalsan in Winter

On the top of Yudalsan, you can see the beautiful landscape of Daedohae, small and large ships coming and going between islands which remind of an oriental painting, and the beautiful sunset of Dadohae and night view of Mokpo harbor from the top of Yudalsan will be remained in the heart of visitors forever.

When spring comes every year, Yudalsan mountain is covered with a variety of colorful flowers such as forsythias, cherry blossoms, magnolia and so on..

The Bell of New Millenium Citizens with our wish for unification

The Bell of Citizens is located in the outskirt of Nojeokbong of Yudalsan mountain. The upper part supporting the bell is decorated with bamboo-shaped sound tube and the dragon-patterned ring according to the traditional style. The upper part of the bell is decorated with rose of sharon that symbolizes the 80 million people of Korea and the lower part of the bell, decorated with magnolia which is the flower of the Mokpo city, which contains the meaning of 'civic harmony'.

  • 새천년 시민의 종 정면모습
  • 유달산을 배경으로 새천년 시민의 종 측면전경

The total weight is 21tons with diameter 2m29cm and length 3m90cm and the signboard of the bell tower is written by the late president Kim Dae-jung.

Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the symbol of patriotic spirit

If you step on the stair at the entrance of Yudalsan, there is a statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin that visitors encounter at first with pious attitude. This statue with height 370cm and width 10cm is tilted to the side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which has a grade of 0.5 degree to the helmet from the base line.

This is to look toward the direction where Japan is located at the correct angle, which means Admiral Yi is keeping an eye on Japan and making them weak so that they never invade Korea again, even after his death.

유달산의 이순신장군 동상

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