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Tourist Attractions

Oedaldo, the island of love in uncontaminated area of the sea

The island with 1.42km in area and the coast line 4.1m was named as Oedaldo which means 'a lonely poor hillside village as it was located apart and lonely or called 'Baggdari'. This island is located on the west shore of Mokpo downtown and is facing Dalido between narrow waterway to the east.

Oedaldo, an island good for relaxation

Proud of clean beach and beautiful natural environment and selected as 'the best top 30 island for relaxation' by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. The fine sands of the beach and beautiful sunset attract lots of family and couples and you can enjoy the water games, climbing and therapeutic in forest as well as the beautiful walkway and old-fashioned hanok lodging.

Location : Dal-dong, Mokpo-si (Contact: 061-270-8823, 061-270-8598)

Oedaldo Beach Pool

Beach Pool : You are charged with a fee for entrance. Swimsuits are on rent with a fee in convenience stores and the like(Swimsuit 3,000~5,000won, Tube 3,000~6,000won)-Per one day usage

  • Hours of Operation : 09:00~19:00
  • Contact : 82-61-246-5002 (Operated only on hours of operation)
  • Normal
    • Adult : 3,000won / Adults, College students, and Adolescents
    • Children : 2,000won / Above 3 years old (36months) and under 13 years old
  • Discounted targets : Group(a group of over 20 people), Disabled Elderly(Over 65), men of national merit
    • Adult 2,000won
하늘에서 내려다본 해수풀장
  • 외달도 해수욕장에서 사람들이 해수욕을 즐기는 모습Oedaldo Beach
  • 어린이들이 수영복을 입고 갯벌체험을 하는 모습Oedaldo Mud field
  • 외달도 해변길 전경Oedaldo Coastal Walk