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Theme Tour

It is a mountain in Yonghae-dong

4km, estimated time of about 2 hours

  • StartP.E park
  • Summit
  • Kkonmureut Four way intersection
  • Hwaseong ready-mixed concrete
  • Indoors Gym
  • Seonnyeosu Reservoir
  • The strolling woods
  • Rentinispora forest
광주교대목포부설초등학교에서 올라가면 체육공원이 나오는데 체육공원에서부터 정상,꽃무릇사거리,화성레미콘,실내체육관,선녀수,산림욕장,편백나무숲으로 이어지는 양을산 둘레길 안내도

As the natural scenery is beautiful and there are flat trails, it is a good trail to walk for anybody. You can enjoy the taste of nature by hearing the sounds of insects and water from the streams when sitting down on the retinispora bench in the trailing forest. Time will fly as you watch the evening sunset from the trailing path deck observatory.

Yangeulsan Forest Park

  • 양을산 산림욕장 산책길 전경
  • 나무가 푸르른 양을산 산림욕장 산책길
  • 유아숲체험,습지식물원,덩굴식물원,잔디광장,숲속학습장,숲놀이터 등이 표시되어있는 안내도