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Parkgolf is a family leisure sport,

enjoyed by three generations, and is a futuristic leisure sport that corresponds to the settlement of a 5-day working week and the need of eco-friendly play culture. Parkgolf has the function of overcoming dry human relationships of the present and reduction phenomenon of family unit's scale. Parkgolf, a Bujusan neighborhood park, is capable of international matches, being the first 36 hole golf course, so various Parkgolf matches and international matches are being held here, and it is becoming a Mecca of Korean park golfing.

  • 목포시청배 전국파크골프대회 모습
  • 파크골프대회에 참가한 사람들의 대회모습
  • 중년남성이 골프대회에 참가한 모습

Bujusan Parkgolf

  • Location : Mokpo-shi Ogam-dong 1059beon-ji area (Within Bujusan neighboring park)
  • Scale : land 20,224㎡, two buildings 162.3㎡, course 36hole
  • Usage guide : Free rent of balls and clubs
  • Hours of Operation : 09;00~18:00 (Open in weekends, but closes in national holidays)
  • Contact : 82-61-281-6961