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Cutlassfish is distributed widely in coastal sea of our country (especially Yellow sea and southern sea). Rich protein, proper fat, high glucide and unique flavor and rich oleic acid which gives the soft touch in a mouth. The features of good cutlassfish are bright silver skin, firm body, and no damage of skin. Cutlassfish caught in coastal waters is good in taste with the length 1m and especially good taste in October ~ December. The grilled cutlassfish is popular and the braised or fried one are also popular and the fresh cutlassfish is used to eat raw.

  • 나란히 나무박스에 놓여있는 싱싱한 생갈치
  • 먹음직스러운 갈치조림
  • 갈치구이 한접시

Yellow croaker

Yellow croakers are rich in protein, Vitamin A and D and if you eat this when you cause general debility, this fish is good to recover the vitality and helps night blindness or eye diseases as well as physical and mental fatigue recovery and good for children or the elderly as it is well digested due to less fat. The features of Yellow croaker are golden-gray on the back, clean gold on the belly but Busse has a black back without golden color. Yellow croaker has reddish mouth, yellow around the eyes and diamond-type papillary projection. The cooking method applied is soup, braised, steamed, grilled etc.

  • 나란히 끈으로 묶여 잘 말려진 조기
  • 먹음식스러운 조기구이

Trifold octopus

Trifold octopus is distributed in the Yellow sea and southern sea of our country and lives in the deep sea on the bottom of mud. This fish is rich in taurin which helps the action of liver and increases metabolism and improves stamina and anaphrodisia. The features of good octopus is alive, strong suction of sucking disk on the arms, keeping moving the arms actively and more tasty in September to February. The cooking method of Trifold octopus includes eating raw, fried, seasoned, stew, soup (Yeonpotang), octopus stick.

  • 살아있는 세발낚지가 그릇에 담긴 모습
  • 낙지육회와 낙지호롱 한상

Post Laver

Post laver uses the laver collected in January and February and the post laver is better in taste and flavor than floating laver. There are several kinds of cultivated laver which are processed in dry laver such as green laver, laver for gimbap, seasoned laver, red laver and salted laver and users can purchase according to the purpose. Laver used be cultivated artificially early as natural cultivation was not enough to meet the demand. Especially, the post cultivation of laver in Yuldo of Mokpo is famous. The post laver is the natural foods produced by eco-friend cultivation method by letting it exposed to the sun for a certain time for enough photosynthesis in order to maintain the original taste and flavor of laver.

  • 밥을 김에 싸서 젓가락으로 들어올린 모습
  • 먹음직스러운 김 한접시


The skate is fermented unlike other fishes which gives a spicy taste and you can choose the fresh one or ripened one according to your preference. The skate is alkali food that has nitrogen compound such as urine, ammonia, trimethylamin acid etc in the body much more than other fishes, which give the stimulating smell and taste. it has a diamond shaped body, wide wing but small head and projected mouth.

As the representative food with skate, there are raw skate, steamed skate, samhap skate (fermented skate and steamed pork slice with Kimchi), skate soup. In general, the skate is served as raw, steamed, soup after fermentation which is characterized by the spicy taste stimulated on the tip of tongue. The Raw skate is served with soy sauce mixed with vinegar, sesame oil or salt and the true taste of raw skate is when eating with Makkori. Like this, when eating the fermented skate as side dish, it is called 'Hongtak' and when eating it with pork slice and Kimchi, it is called 'Samhap' and the taste of Samhap is indescribable.

  • 홍어와 삼겹살 김치와 초장이 담긴 홍어삼합
  • 먹음직스러운 홍어찜
  • 잘 버무린 홍어무침

Salted seafood

The personality of Jeollado food is the salted seafood! As the sea is near, there are plenty of salty seafood and Jeollado salted seafood made by such fresh seafood are being loved with such unique salty taste. If not fermented with lots of salt, the salted seafood cannot be kept for a long time and cannot produce the profound taste. The salted seafood is the fermented food with unique favor made by applying lots of salt to the guts of fishes and shells to inhibit the spread of bacteria and discomposing the flesh texture through the enzyme action with the enzyme of fish and shells and the external microorganism.

  • 단지에 다양한 종류의 젓갈들
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